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The Ultimate Transition Guide for Financial Advisors


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What's in the Ultimate Transition Guide?

Get the Ultimate Transition Guide for Financial Advisors for a start-to-finish roadmap if you’re considering joining a new firm.


We developed this roadmap after talking with over 1,000 financial advisors from over 100 different firms and helping advisors transition over $25B in assets.

This 3-page PDF includes over 40 specific action steps to help you navigate your transition.

In the guide, you'll learn things like:

  • How to determine what your next move is
  • How to set yourself up for a successful transition
  • How to complete due diligence and decide which firm is best for you
  • Expectations you should have throughout the process

How will it help me?

As you’re researching a new firm or platform for your financial practice, we understand that all the information can be overwhelming. This is intended to help you walk through the process in a step-by-step way.


We developed this roadmap after years of watching advisors feel stuck. We hope the Ultimate Transition Guide will help you:

  • Determine what you want
  • Know what your next step is
  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • Find the best fit for you and your business

If you would like some advice for getting started, we'd love to talk with you. Don't hesitate to contact us!


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