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The RIA Marketing Checklist


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What's in the RIA Marketing Checklist?

Get the RIA Marketing & Communications Checklist to help you build a strategic marketing and communications plan to retain clients and attract new prospects.


We help advisors start an independent practice or grow their RIA through strategic communications, custom marketing plans, and sales coaching.

When it comes to marketing your new or existing RIA, it can be hard to know where to start.

This 4-page PDF streamlines the process, categorizing all of the steps into 5 simplified categories with specific items to address: Branding and Messaging, Building a Website, Creating Sales Materials, Evaluating your Tech Stack, and Developing a Transition Communication Strategy (for new RIAs).


What else is included?

Get inspired with an included sample page from Vantage Impact's work with RIA clients.  Examples include Compelling Messaging and Branding, Sales Collateral, New Website, and Announcement Communications and Press Releases.


How will it help me?

Having a strategy for retaining clients and attracting new prospects is crucial for new RIAs and established RIAs alike.  This checklist will help you build a foundational framework for your firm's marketing and communications plan.


We developed this checklist after years of work helping financial advisors transition firms and companies build customized marketing and communication strategies.  We hope the RIA Checklist will help you:

  • Establish the foundation for a successful RIA marketing and communications strategy
  • Become even more confident about your decision to start or launch an RIA
  • Find opportunities for growth in your existing RIA's marketing and communications strategy

If you would like advice on where to go from here, we'd love to talk with you. Don't hesitate to contact us and set up a meeting with one of our Marketing Strategists!


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