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A new approach to financial advisor recruiting

Our team of transition consultants confidentially helps advisors:

  • Launch an RIA: Embark on your own path with confidence.
  • Join an Existing RIA: Improve the experience for you and your clients by becoming part of a new team.
  • Find a New Broker-Dealer: Transition your business with ease with our support.

Launch an RIA

Navigate one of the biggest moves of your career with support from our transition consultants. You’ll have access to a detailed playbook, legal referrals, communications support and consultation throughout the process.

Knowing where to start can be the most overwhelming part.

Here are some resources to help you kickstart the process:

What Financial Advisors Need to Know Before Going RIA

These are common misconceptions in the financial industry that have held back advisors from leaving their broker-dealer behind and launching an RIA.

What Financial Advisors Need to Know Before Accepting An Offer

An offer to join a new firm can come in forms you might not be expecting. Learn how to use these offers to your benefit and avoid disappointing surprises.

What Are The Most Important Steps to Consider When Launching Your Own RIA?

Get a better idea of what it will take to ensure you have everything in line to launch your own RIA.

Join an Existing RIA

Find the right-fit firm for you and your clients by completing due diligence, asking the right questions, negotiating the most advantageous terms for your pay-out and ensuring a smooth transition—all at no cost to you!*

We have relationships with dozens of firms across the country. As your transition partner we’ll work with you to narrow down what may be a good fit for you.

A handful of our partner firms have posted opportunities here on our site:

Join MN RIA, Salary + New Asset Bonus (Retain Equity In Your Existing Practice)

Independent RIA is seeking experienced financial advisor to join the practice and collaborate with members across the team.

Remote Opportunity – Join Independent RIA, Salary + New Asset Bonus (Retain Equity In Your Existing Practice)

Independent RIA is seeking a like-minded, experienced financial advisor to move their clients and provide logistical support for firm's core clients.

Remote Opportunity - Move Existing Book of Business + Grow with Assigned Clients

Independent firm is seeking a competent, experienced financial advisor to move their clients and take on a portion of the firm’s existing client base.

Find a New Broker-Dealer

Ready to move on from your broker-dealer but not sure where to start or what you’re allowed to do in your current situation? We’ve transitioned hundreds of advisors to new broker-dealers, so we know it’s a stressful decision that you want to make carefully and with discretion. We can help—oh, and you won’t pay us a dime!*

Want to start reviewing what other firms out there may have to offer you? We have relationships across the industry for you to start researching - just a few of these are listed below.

Our experienced team has evaluated various opportunities in the industry to assist advisors like you.

Firms in Focus: Burney Advisor Services

Vantage Impact looks in detail at Burney Advisor Services, how they differentiate themselves, and what types of advisors would be a good fit.

Firms in Focus: 5 Things To Know About B. Riley Financial

Vantage Impact looks in detail at B. Riley Financial, how they differentiate themselves, and what types of advisors would be a good fit.

Firms in Focus: Mariner Platform Solutions

Vantage Impact looks in detail at Mariner Platform Solutions, how they differentiate themselves, and what types of advisors would be a good fit.

You deserve a trusted advocate to help you find the right new firm

It might be time to start learning about other opportunities at broker-dealers or RIAs that better support your business. We can be your trusted advocate through this process—all at no cost to you.

You read that right, leveraging the Vantage Impact team costs YOU nothing—once you join, your new firm will pay us a percentage of your verified trailing 12 or assets under management.

Don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our Transition Success Stories to hear what some of our recent clients have to say about working with Vantage Impact.
View Transition Success Stories

Are you caught in the Transition Trap?

Financial Practice_Transition Trap

“When I found Vantage Impact, I realized that I really didn't know that much about other opportunities across the industry.  Their team put a process in place for me to help me find the next move in my career.  Crazy enough, I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket for their support."

-Former Edward Jones Advisor


Visit the Our Work Page to hear from more of our happy clients.

If making a change feels unattainable, let’s figure out what’s stopping you. It can be easy to find yourself in the “Transition Trap.” You’ve built a strong, successful book of business over the years, but you feel frustrated with your current firm. You’ve thought about leaving, but the time has never felt right—something has always gotten in your way of learning more or gathering all the information you need to make a move forward.

After helping 1,500+ financial advisors leave their firms and transition their practice over the years, we understand the complexities around this decision, how to overcome the obstacles holding you back, and the importance of getting it right. We start by helping you learn what else is out there and what you really want for the future of your business.

Bottom line: we’ll help you find a way out of the Transition Trap.

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of transitioning firms? Download our free  Transition Guide for Financial Advisors for over 150 helpful questions to ask  along the way ≫

Are you feeling frustrated about your current situation, overwhelmed by all the variables, or simply curious about what else is out there?

Let us help.

We start by defining the challenges and vision for your practice. Then we confidentially connect you with other firms in the industry and work with you to review your best options.


Our promise to you

We know that transitioning is risky for a financial advisor. One wrong move could undermine any decision you planned to make. That's why we go through extraordinary lengths to protect your information, allowing you to be the one in control of when the decision becomes public.
Unbiased Judgment
We’ve helped hundreds of advisors transition to new broker-dealers, transition to a new RIA, or launch their own RIA. We're not affiliated with any single model or firm, so we take an unbiased approach to finding what will truly be the best fit for your business. We care about you first, and through our established network, we’ll find you the resources and support you need to be successful in the next phase of your career.
Active Engagement
When it comes to helping advisors move firms, our team is focused on quality, not quantity. We aren’t interested in simply referring you to another firm and walking away. We also provide complimentary communications and marketing support at the time of your transition. Ever need us? We’re here for you. You might want to start by taking a look at our free downloadable transition resources.