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A new approach to financial advisor recruiting

Take advantage of a financial advisor recruiting firm with a built-in marketing & communications agency.

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You deserve a trusted advocate to help you find the right new firm

Deciding whether to leave your current firm and finding the right new partner-firm is complicated. Don’t go it alone.

It might be time to start learning about other opportunities at Broker Dealers or RIAs that better support your business. We work as an agent for you and have the marketing and communications experience to help make changing firms a smoother process. 

All at no cost to you. Again, it costs you nothing, because we are paid by the firm you join.


“Finding the right firm is only part of what we do.  Continuing to help advisors even after they join their new firm is what makes us different.”

Traci Beach, VP Communications

We get it.

It can be easy to find yourself in the “Transition Trap.”  You’ve built a strong, successful book of business over the years, but you feel frustrated with your current firm. You’re thinking about leaving, but you can’t find the time, don’t know what you should be asking, and can’t keep it all organized.

After helping 1,500+ financial advisors leave their firms and transition their practice over the years, we understand the complexities around this decision and the importance of getting it right.

We provide advisors with tools to learn about other firms in a systematic way. Once you have found the right fit, take advantage of our internal digital marketing team to drive announcement communications, boost awareness of your move, and help you retain clients in the transition.

Are you feeling frustrated about your current situation, overwhelmed by all the variables, or simply curious about what else is out there?

Let us help.

We start by defining the challenges and vision for your practice. Then we confidentially connect you with other firms in the industry and work with you to review your best options.

Develop a strategy for evaluating new firms
Consult with us to better understand your options
Have more freedom and control over your practice
Be paid fairly for the work you perform

Icing on the cake

Once you decide your next steps, we provide a complimentary Vantage Impact Transition Launch Kit.  This includes personal brand development, transition messaging and announcement communications, marketing plans and branding for teams, and an app-based project plan.


All at no cost to you.


Find Your Next Move Now

A positive impact starts with a better vantage point.

Develop a strategy for evaluating new firms
Consult with us to better understand your options.
Have more freedom and control over your business.
Be paid fairly for the work you perform.
Earn more clients, and grow your business in scope and scale.
Find Your Next Move Now