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Welcome to our collection of recent insights. Learn what we think about different firms and platforms across the industry. Be inspired by our featured stories of the best women in the business. Consider a future path toward changing broker dealers, joining a firm, finding a successor, or launching a new RIA.
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Read Brooklyn Brock's Story

How Brooklyn Brock created a one-of-a-kind firm to help fellow advisors with their financial planning...

Read Inga Timmerman's Story

How college professor and financial planner Inga Timmerman guides individuals to improve their finances, lives, and happiness...

What Financial Advisors Need to Know Before Changing Firms

These are the 12 best practices to keep in mind if you are a financial advisor considering a transition to another firm.

Read Amy Irvine's Story

How Amy Irvine recruits and supports fellow women financial planners at her 100% woman-owned firm...

Firms in Focus: Burney Advisor Services

Vantage Impact looks in detail at Burney Advisor Services, how they differentiate themselves, and what types of advisors would be a good fit.

Read Jane Mepham's Story

How Jane Mepham utilizes her immigrant background and corporate experience to help foreign-born individuals reach their financial goals...

Read Diana Yáñez's Story

How Diana Yáñez used her passions and strengths to develop new ways of increasing financial literacy...

What Financial Advisors Need to Know Before Accepting An Offer

An offer to join a new firm can come in forms you might not be expecting. Learn how to use these offers to your benefit and avoid disappointing surprises.

Read Raquel Hinman's Story

How Raquel Hinman harnessed 20 years of experience in financial planning to start her own firm focused on equal access to advising services...

What Financial Advisors Need to Know About Broker Protocol

The broker protocol is one of the biggest indicators about how your firm views whether your client is yours (advisor) or theirs (firm). Read more!

Firms in Focus: 5 Things To Know About B. Riley Financial

Vantage Impact looks in detail at B. Riley Financial, how they differentiate themselves, and what types of advisors would be a good fit.

Read Catherine Allen-Carlozo's Story

How Catherine Allen-Carlozo is changing the conversation about women’s financial planning...

Read Akeiva Ellis's Story

How Akeiva Ellis created a role for herself that combines her love of financial planning with financial education and empowerment...

Firms in Focus: Mariner Platform Solutions

Vantage Impact looks in detail at Mariner Platform Solutions, how they differentiate themselves, and what types of advisors would be a good fit.

Read Angie Messer's Story

How Angie Messer transitioned from biology researcher to financial planner...

Read Rita Cheng's Story

How Rita Cheng navigated barriers to become a trusted financial planner...

Firms in Focus: Commonwealth

Vantage Impact looks in detail at Commonwealth how they differentiate themselves, and what types of advisors would be a good fit.

What Are The Most Important Steps to Consider When Launching Your Own RIA?

Get a better idea of what it will take to ensure you have everything in line to launch your own RIA.

Have You Considered the Human Side of a Financial Firm Acquisition?

If you are an advisor considering a financial acquisition, consider these 5 non-financial, human factors to ensure success.

What Financial Advisors Really Want in a New Firm

We explore the five most attention grabbing, downright irresistible options offered by firms looking to recruit the best and the brightest in the business.

Starting an RIA? Simplify Advisory Compliance with an Outsourced CCO

Financial advisors looking to start an independent practice or RIA can simplify compliance with Joot, an outsourced CCO and technology platform.

Get More Leads for Financial Advisors with Better Website Design [4 Key Website Recommendations]

Get more leads for financial advisors with 4 key website recommendations.

Considering Moving Firms as a Financial Advisor? Keep 3 Things in Mind

Keep these 3 key things in mind when thinking about moving or transitioning firms as a financial advisor.

Moving firms as an advisor, but stuck with Alternative Investments?

Financial advisors looking to move firms who have a portfolio filled with non-portable, alternative investments can find solutions with Cox Capital.