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Our Process

Moving to a new firm doesn't have to be scary or stressful. Let's make it easier, at no cost to you.


Who do we help?

Advisors looking to launch an RIA, join an existing RIA or change broker-dealers.

When do we help?

Advisors start engaging with us when they are:

  • Feeling their firm is no longer making decisions based on the best interest of their clients and practice
  • Overwhelmed by the variables and options in their search for a new firm
  • Curious about whether there is a better overall compensation package at other firms
  • Left scrambling to find a new firm after an unexpected decision was made (branch closure, acquisition, etc.)
  • Planning significant changes to their practice and need a team of industry experts to support the process
  • Struggling to find the time and right way to discern which firms are best suited for them to affiliate with

How do we help?

We have a proven framework to ensure you evaluate your best options, ask the right questions, and negotiate to set your practice up for success. Take a look at what that looks like:


Free? Did I hear that correctly?

That’s right. The benefits you gain from using Vantage Impact as a guide through this process are absolutely free—we are paid a percentage of your verified trailing 12 by the firm that you join.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only do we help you find the best fit and facilitate your transition, but we also want to set you up for future success. To do this, we provide complimentary communications and marketing support at the time of your transition. This package depends on your needs and may include: messaging, branding, internal and external communications, and web design.

Not sure now is the right time to start the conversation?

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A positive impact starts with a better vantage point.

Advisors who work with us benefit by:

  • Identifying key characteristics and qualities desired in their next firm
  • Developing important firm interview questions so they have a clear process for making an informed decision about next steps
  • Getting a second opinion from an expert with experience helping hundreds of advisors move firms and sell practices
  • Receiving access to a network of other advisors and team of marketing experts to make your transition as smooth as possible

You have nothing to lose by seeing what else is out there. Schedule a confidential 30-min phone call today to get started.

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