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Women Advisors Making an Impact

This series spotlights impactful women advisors—their career paths, biggest challenges as women in the field, and ideas for growing representation of women in the industry. Celebrate women in financial advising by reading and sharing these stories. These are the perfect stories to reference if you're looking for inspiration on the different paths to take your practice.

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Read Amy Powell's Story

How Amy Powell Masters The Art of Financial Advising by Listening

Read Tia McNamara's Story

How Tia McNamara's Personal Journey Ignited a Passion For Financial Advising and Led Her to a New Chapter With City Square Wealth Management

Read Yonhee Choi Gordon's Story

How Yonhee Choi Gordon found her place in the financial advising world and helps others do the same

Read Jennifer Kirby's Story

How Jennifer Kirby leveraged her strengths and experiences to transition careers, launch a thriving RIA, and help others reach their goals.

Ready to Share Your Story?

Nominate yourself or an impactful colleague to be the next featured advisor.

Nominate an Impactful Woman

Read Dana Wilson's Story

How Dana Wilson inspires the next generation by reinventing what financial advising looks like

Read Betty Wang's Story

How Betty Wang, CFP® helps other women understand their finances and make empowered decisions about money

Read Danielle Harrison's Story

How Danielle Harrison, CFP®, CFT-I™ turned a childhood fascination with money and finances into a thriving advising business

Read Marianne Nolte's Story

How Marianne Nolte, CFP®, went from guiding her parents through financial decisions to helping fellow women take control of their finances.

Read 2022 Year in Review's Story

Here’s what we learned from eighteen women in the financial advisory industry chosen to be part of our 2022 Women Advisors Making an Impact project.

Read Brooklyn Brock's Story

How Brooklyn Brock created a one-of-a-kind firm to help fellow advisors with their financial planning...

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Read Inga Timmerman's Story

How college professor and financial planner Inga Timmerman guides individuals to improve their finances, lives, and happiness...

Read Amy Irvine's Story

How Amy Irvine recruits and supports fellow women financial planners at her 100% woman-owned firm...

Read Jane Mepham's Story

How Jane Mepham utilizes her immigrant background and corporate experience to help foreign-born individuals reach their financial goals...

Read Diana Yáñez's Story

How Diana Yáñez used her passions and strengths to develop new ways of increasing financial literacy...

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Read Raquel Hinman's Story

How Raquel Hinman harnessed 20 years of experience in financial planning to start her own firm focused on equal access to advising services...

Read Catherine Allen-Carlozo's Story

How Catherine Allen-Carlozo is changing the conversation about women’s financial planning...

Read Akeiva Ellis's Story

How Akeiva Ellis created a role for herself that combines her love of financial planning with financial education and empowerment...

Read Angie Messer's Story

How Angie Messer transitioned from biology researcher to financial planner...

Read Rita Cheng's Story

How Rita Cheng navigated barriers to become a trusted financial planner...

Read Jaq Campbell's Story

How Jacqueline Campbell turned a high school internship into a career that changes lives...

Read Katharine Earhart's Story

How Katharine Earhart launched an RIA and why she wishes she would have done it sooner...

Read Brittan Leiser's Story

How Brittan Leiser does her part to empower clients and young women...

Read Cammy Smith's Story

How Cammy Smith grew her financial advisor firm by offering a different perspective...

Read Erica Arroyo's Story

How Erica Arroyo balances leadership with financial advising—and why her two roles are more similar than you might think...

Read Brenna Surette's Story

How Brenna Surette found a perfect fit with financial planning—and why other women might too...