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Transition Success Story: Ryan Weise to Centura Advisors


Financial advisor Ryan Weise has been serving individuals and families for over two decades – helping many of them create customized income plans based on their current and desired financial positions. 

He had been affiliated with a broker-deal for over 11 years when he decided to evaluate other firms. His goal was to transition to a firm that provided the best platform for him to serve his clients, while also being an excellent fit for him personally.

Ryan is a firm believer that a core part of the service that an advisor can provide to their clients is hinged upon making sure that they are affiliated with the right firm, and set up underneath the right type of model to best support them.

“The old adage occurred to me… about climbing a ladder of success only to realize that it’s been leaning against the wrong wall,” says Ryan. “It was important that I find the best fit for me, knowing that I am representing my clients first and foremost.”

The Search & Process

Ryan was looking for what he calls “a unicorn” – an ideal firm that meets all of his criteria while providing the ability to offer the very best in service to his clients.

“That’s where Boston Cardinal and the financial advisor consulting firm, Vantage Impact, came in,” says Ryan, “they know what’s out there in terms of advisory firms. They know what exists, and they’re going to find it. I was able to openly and honestly say to Boston, ‘This is what I’m looking for.’”

Ryan recalls that Vantage Impact took what could be a very overwhelming process, streamlining and tailoring it completely to him. “Vantage took into consideration the needs of my clients and what I was seeking to accomplish,” said Ryan, “and quickly whittled down my options to a handful that made sense to meet with. Vantage Impact worked behind the scenes to get important answers to my top questions before my initial meetings so I could privately explore different firms.” 

From there, Vantage Impact coordinated the setup of appointments with potential firms, after which Ryan provided the feedback needed to take the next steps. 

One of the biggest things for Ryan was being able to be completely transparent throughout the process. “It never felt like a sales pitch, he says, “I was able to focus entirely on finding a firm where I would be most comfortable. Vantage put me in the driver's seat, supporting my efforts so that I could be me. I never felt like I had to sell myself to a particular firm, rather we had two-sided conversations that allowed me to find the best fit.”

When Ryan met with Centura Advisors, he was first introduced to Tommy Besselman, the firm’s principal. After their discussion, it became clear to Ryan that Centura Advisors was where he saw himself in the next phase of his career. 

Vantage Impact worked through the complexities associated with making the transition go smoothly for clients and negotiated with Centura Advisors on Ryan’s behalf, securing an attractive opportunity that Ryan accepted.

“Boston walked down the path with me, providing a neutral third party with whom I could be completely candid and focus solely on the best fit. Vantage was there to guide me toward my goal, not to sell a certain firm to me.”

-Ryan Weise, Financial Advisor

A Great Fit

Now fully transitioned into Centura Advisors, Ryan feels that he and the firm are very well aligned on their client-centric mentality. 

“At Centura Advisors, we take a very hands-on, detailed approach,” says Ryan. “Their way of working is a perfect fit with my guiding principle, which is to over-serve my clients. Almost any advisor can suggest putting money where it may supposedly grow… but I see it as my duty to take that a step further – I want to truly understand each client’s needs so that we can devise a plan to get them where they have to be, income-wise, to make their goals a reality.”

Ryan continues to find opportunities to elevate his clients’ experience at Centura Advisors. “I see now that there were some things that I was unable to do in the past that I didn’t even know that I had the ability to do in our industry,” Ryan said. “At Kestra Financial and a partnership with Centura, I can be even better for my clients, which was my goal going into this. I can serve them better, provide access to things that they need, and support them in new ways.”

Ryan says the change has been well received by his clientele. “My clients have been taken under my wing in this transition, and Centura treats them like they’ve been here forever, also,” he says, “I only wish I had done this a long time ago.”

Ryan is delighted to have ultimately found a great team, and to have experienced a smooth transition. “I feel very humbled,” he says. “All this work I’ve put in over the past 24 years, this is what I was ultimately working for. I never truly realized it could be this way, until I got in touch with Boston and Vantage Impact.”

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