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Transitioning to a new firm or evolving your business doesn't have to be scary or stressful. Let's make it fun.

What does a successful transition look like?

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If there’s a gap between what your clients need, how the market is changing, or what resources are available, we can present you a menu of opportunities to transform your practice. We'll introduce you to new partner-firms or partnerships, and guide you through your next move.
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Strategic communications to help clients and employees understand why you're transitioning to a new partner firm, introducing new products, or integrating new technology. Your stakeholders will stand by you if they have a clear understanding of the value.
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Fully leverage your new tools to grow. With higher profit margins, better tools and more resources, you’ll run a more sustainable and enjoyable business, drive more value to your clients and protect your legacy.
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You deserve access to the right tools and resources

Grow and reach your full potential as a financial advisor, earning more for the work you put in.

For financial advisory practices that Vantage Impact represents in their transition, we include a complimentary Vantage Impact Transition Launch Kit.

At no cost to you or your firm, this Kit includes: 

  • Branding including development of a team name, logo, color palette, and branding guidelines 
  • Messaging framework to clarify brand voice and establish compelling messaging
  • Transition communications to drive awareness to your move, engage and retain your top talent and existing book of business
  • 6-month marketing strategy roadmap to avoid the "random acts of marketing" trap
  • Starter website to establish credibility and drive more awareness to your business
  • App-based project plan to gather information and stay organized

Is it time to explore a change?

We have a step-by-step plan to ensure you evaluate all your best options, ask the right questions and negotiate to set your business up for success.
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