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10 Nov Boston Cardinal

How to Shut Down the Annoying Advisor Recruiting Calls

How often do you receive one of those annoying phone calls asking if you’re happy with your current firm and if you’d be willing to “meet for coffee” with someone to talk about firm XYZ?


I think I’d rather stub my toe on the couch than receive another call from someone trying to sell me on why their company is so amazing. If you’re a successful advisor, these calls probably come in all too often. The reason you’re receiving these phones calls is because you’ve made it onto the list of a cold caller, whose job it is to set meetings for advisors to learn about a new firm.

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So the real question is, what can you do about it? These people will continue calling you until you tell them one of these things:

  1. You’re never leaving your current firm for XYZ reasons (for example, you just inherited a sizable book of business and basically signed your life away to get it).
  2. You hate the firm they’re calling on behalf of and would never join (i.e. their firm has new scandals popping up in the news all the time because they don’t put the needs of their clients first and it would be miserable for you to run your practice at their firm).
  3. You signed a Representation Agreement with a consulting firm that represents you with transition and acquisition support (this is where Vantage Impact comes in).

Imagine you're a movie star without an agent and every talent agent in the business is trying to get you to work with them. They’re calling you every day to pitch why they’re the best and why you should have them represent you. That would get annoying pretty fast.

Here’s the thing, once you pick your agent and everyone finds out about it, the calls will slowly stop coming in. These recruiters will continue spending time where there’s even the slightest glimmer of hope, so you need to be very clear with them that you’re all set and taking you off their list will give them back time.

So here’s my advice to you: seek out a consultant whose job it is to stay informed on the best opportunities across the financial industry and has experience transitioning hundreds of advisors to new firms. At a minimum, the next time you receive a call from a persistent recruiter, you can tell them you’re already under contract (at zero cost to you) with a consultant who represents you for this type of situation.

Note: additional Growth services from Vantage Impact, such as branding, messaging, content development, social media, email newsletters, SEO, web design/development, etc. are all available for a fee, separate from our Transition services.

At a maximum, if the time comes where you need guidance with navigating the biggest professional decision you’ll likely ever make, you’ll have a trusted resource in your corner of the ring with knowledge and experience in supporting advisors every step of the way.

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